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Marzia Bonalumi Flavouriteplace


Name of the Project:
Sunset Cinema North Sydney – Events 2023-24
Brand Awareness | Build/Grow Reliability | Sponsorship New Products

Project Overview:

Flavouriteplace has been engaged to sponsor the Sunset Cinema Sydney event. The primary objective is to create a promotional video that captures the essence of the event, showcasing the unique experience it offers. The aim is to encourage attendance by providing a visually compelling portrayal of the event and conveying pertinent information to potential attendees.

Project Objectives:

  • Produce a high-quality video that highlights the key aspects of the Sunset Cinema Sydney event.
  • Showcase the atmosphere, attractions, and overall experience of the event to create a sense of excitement and anticipation.
  • Inform viewers about the event details, including date, venue, featured films, and any special activities.


  • Event Sponsorship Video: A professionally edited video capturing the highlights and ambiance of the Sunset Cinema Sydney event.
  • Edited Clips: Short clips suitable for social media promotion and advertising purposes.


POV: best summer outdoors experience 🌅 @thesunsetcinema North Sydney! Until 9th march you’ll can enjoy movies under the stars 🤩 Popcorn and snacks, foodtruck, pouf rent and cheers during the last light! 🍿 “Home Alone” is one of my favourite Christmas movie, timeless!🎅🏻 Now I’m waiting for the next one!🎥 #invited #flavouriteplace #sunsetcinema #sydney #sydneyvlog #visitnsw #timeoutsydney #sydneyexplores #sunsetlovers #sunsetview #australia #expatlife #italianiinaustralia #whattodosydney #sydneylifestyle

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